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Social Neuroscience: The Core of Our Research at ISN


At the intersection of biology, psychology, and sociology, social neuroscience is an exhilarating and ever-evolving field. It's the cornerstone of our research across our centers at ISN, unraveling how social processes affect the brain and how the brain influences social behavior.

Understanding Human Connection


We explore the intricate neural mechanisms behind empathy, cooperation, communication, and social decision-making. Our Centers for Clinical Neuroscience Innovation (CCNI), Human Performance Innovation (CHPI), and Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health Innovation (CAIMHI) harness social neuroscience, employing cutting-edge technologies like fNIRS. This inquiry paves the way for innovative mental health interventions, human performance optimization, and AI-driven mental health solutions.

Interdisciplinary Innovation

Social neuroscience thrives on collaboration. Our interdisciplinary approach across the centers sparks creativity, allowing us to tackle complex questions from multiple angles. This cross-disciplinary collaboration enriches our understanding of clinical neuroscience, human performance, and AI's role in mental health, all grounded in social neuroscience principles.

Application in Real World

Our research resonates with real-world challenges, from improving teamwork in sports to enhancing therapeutic strategies in mental health care. Whether it's decoding neural barriers to optimal performance at CHPI or creating real-time mental health status feedback systems at CAIMHI, we tailor interventions and technological solutions that respect our innate social nature.

Research with Impact

Our commitment goes beyond the laboratory. Engaging with communities, industries, policymakers, and educational institutions, we translate findings into meaningful change. Across our centers, we unlock the secrets of the brain's social functions, creating a more empathetic, connected, and humane society.

Join Us in Exploration

ISN's research centers invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Whether you're an academic, professional, or simply curious about the human mind, there's a place for you in our community. Together, we explore how the brain shapes our connections with others, all through the lens of social neuroscience.

For more information about our research, projects, and opportunities for collaboration, please contact us. Let's embark on a path of discovery that promises to transform not just science but society itself, all guided by the insights and principles of social neuroscience.

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