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Centre for Clinical Neuroscience Innovation (CCNI)

At the cutting-edge of neuroscience, the CCNI serves as an integral component of ISN Innovations, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the nervous system and its extensive implications for our lives.

Located in Kew, the CCNI is structured around a multidisciplinary research approach that merges insights from various fields such as clinical neuroscience, psychology, biomechanics, and technology. This symbiosis of diverse knowledge areas empowers the Centre to untangle the intricate neurobiological dynamics that underpin human cognition and behaviour, translating these findings into real-world contexts.

The Centre utilizes pioneering technologies, including high resolution functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and state-of-the-art motion capture systems. These instrumentalities offer our researchers an unprecedented ability to delve into the complexities of the nervous system and its profound impact on human behaviour and performance. The adoption of such groundbreaking technologies extends the reach of the Centre's research and paves the way for innovations with far-reaching implications for optimizing human capabilities in various settings, from physical activities to cognitive functions.

A cornerstone of the CCNI is the integration of human performance and anxiety research. This significant field of study focuses on the complex interplay between mind, body, and movement, and how anxiety perturbs this delicate balance. We recognise that alterations in neural activity due to anxiety can precipitate performance deficits, hence we employ advanced methodologies to explore and address these concerns. The insights gleaned here contribute significantly to the development of innovative strategies for managing anxiety and enhancing performance in high-pressure situations.


Furthermore, the CCNI is committed to cultivating a culture of collaboration and transparency. By partnering with industry professionals, other research institutions, and the wider community, the Centre accelerates the transformation of research findings into tangible applications. This approach mirrors ISN Innovations' dedication to generating positive societal impact through scientific progress.

In a nutshell, the CCNI represents a dynamic, forward-looking research environment that relentlessly explores the frontiers of clinical neuroscience and its implications for human life. Its role doesn't stop at research, however. As a hub for Research and Development, CCNI is constantly seeking opportunities to transform groundbreaking research into cutting-edge technology and practical applications. Our unwavering commitment to societal impact goes hand in hand with a strong commercial focus, enabling us to translate our discoveries into market-ready solutions that can bring about meaningful changes in performance and well-being. By bridging the gap between science and industry, the Centre stands ready to revolutionize our understanding of the human nervous system and ignite novel solutions that not only enhance our scientific understanding but also bring real, tangible benefits to society and economy.

Join Our Team - ISN Student Projects

CCNI is more than just a research center; it stands as a beacon of transformative understanding in the realms of clinical, social, and affective neuroscience. Our mission is to unravel the intricate connections between neural mechanisms of emotion, the neuroscience of human performance, and our complex social environments. We invite prospective ISN Psychology honours and postgraduate students to embark on this captivating exploration with us. If you are interested in a potential research project through ISN Innovations, reach out to us. Together, we can illuminate the neural pathways that shape our social worlds, emotional lives, and peak human capabilities, striving for a future where mental well-being and optimal performance coalesce into a tangible reality for all.

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