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ISN Centre for Human Performance

The ISN Centre for Human Performance Innovation (CHPI) stands as an innovative beacon in the realm of human performance research. Embracing an interdisciplinary approach, we investigate the intricate interconnections between psychology, neuroscience, physiology, and biomechanics, uncovering their collective impact on human performance across a broad spectrum of applications.

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NeuroSport: Charting New Frontiers in Performance Research

Neurosport is our pioneering approach to sports psychology. We deliver our services through a multidisciplinary lens, considering all factors that influence an athlete's performance and wellbeing. By integrating innovative solutions and the latest findings in social neuroscience, we strive to transform the landscape of sports psychology.

Neuroscience, Biomechanics, Physiology and Sport Psychology 

Our research is anchored in the conviction that a comprehensive understanding of human performance necessitates the exploration of an integrated system rather than isolated components. By interweaving traditional disciplines, we are fostering a holistic perspective that unearths correlations and causations previously unseen.

At CHPI, we emphasize the translation of our research findings into practical applications. Our ambition extends beyond academic exploration; we strive to convert our research outcomes into real-world innovations that can revolutionize performance understanding, training, and enhancement across various domains, such as sports, exercise, the performing arts, and team dynamics.

By bridging disparate disciplines, we aim to pioneer a new paradigm in human performance research and application, championing discoveries that could redefine our understanding of human performance and its potential.

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A Holistic Approach to Performance and Wellbeing at the ISN Human Performance Clinic

CHPI stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of human performance optimization. We embrace the complexity of human behaviour and its intricate ties to sensory information processing. Our team's deep understanding of the interplay between psychology, neuroscience, and physiology allows us to devise bespoke strategies to surpass performance barriers and unlock your full potential.

Our evidence-based techniques provide key insights into attentional focus, mental toughness, and resilience. We delve into how our preconceived ideas, fears, and thought processes shape our interpretation of sensory information. By examining these factors, we empower you with an enhanced ability to navigate your environment and perform at your best.

Injury and rehabilitation

At the ISN Human Performance Clinic, an integral part of the ISN Clinic Health and Wellbeing Centre, we champion an interdisciplinary research approach to optimize human performance and wellbeing. Our focus extends beyond surface-level performance enhancements; we delve into a deeper understanding of the intricate network of psychological, physiological, and biomechanical factors that underpin human performance.

Using evidence-based approaches, our exploration into peak performance incorporates an array of areas including health and wellness coaching, anxiety and stress management, mental preparation, team building, weight management, psychological assessment, injury rehabilitation, and balancing sport, study, employment, and family life. We place a strong emphasis on ethics, prevention, treatment, and the use of psychological interventions to facilitate optimal wellbeing and performance.

By intertwining our research outcomes from the Centre for Human Performance with the services offered by the ISN Human Performance Clinic, we aim to translate our findings into tangible, innovative solutions for performance enhancement and wellbeing. We strive to pioneer new methods of understanding and intervention that can revolutionize the field of human performance, providing more effective strategies for treatment and optimisation. 

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