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Empowering Success: Where Excellence Meets Dedication.

At ISN Innovations, our staff forms the backbone of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. Each member of our team brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, and passion. Our diverse team collaborates seamlessly to bring forth cutting-edge solutions. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of continuous learning, ensuring that ISN Innovations remains at the forefront of technological advancements.


Prof. Paolini,

CEO/CSO, ISN Innovations

President ISN Psychology


Prof. Zambetta

CTO, Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health Innovations 


Dr Lucy Parrington

Senior Scientist (Biomechanist) Centre for Human Performance Innovations 


Dr Damith Senanayake

AI Scientist (Software and Machine Learning Engineer), Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health Innovations. 

Professor Antonio (Tony) Paolini stands as a prominent figure in both the bionics landscape and the realm of neural mechanisms of sensory coding. Over the years, he has pioneered research in areas such as electrical stimulation of the cochlea, auditory brainstem dynamics, and the use of conducting polymers in neural recording. These contributions have provided invaluable insights into auditory neural systems and brain coding, shaping the foundation for the next generation of neural prosthetics. His joint work with Professor Zambretta, another pioneer at ISN Innovations, is a testament to his dedication to blending neuroscientific understanding with AI-driven methodologies. This collaboration further underscores Paolini's steadfast commitment to delving deep into the confluence of neural systems, bionics, brain coding, and advanced computational techniques.

Prof. Fabio Zambetta is a renowned computer scientist with deep expertise in AI & Mixed Reality Simulation. Educated at the University of Bari, Italy, he holds a Master's in Computer Science and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Presently, he is honored with a professorship in AI & Mixed Reality Simulation at RMIT University, underscoring his academic distinction and leadership in the realm. Beyond academia, Prof. Zambetta brings his vast experience to the forefront as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health Innovations at ISN Innovations. With extensive industry involvement, he's had pivotal roles in various industry-centric projects. His pioneering research encompasses Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Human-Computer Interaction. Recognizing his contributions, he was named a Cloud Research Software Fellow by Microsoft Asia in 2019. Prof. Zambetta's wealth of knowledge and innovation are pivotal as ISN Innovations pushes the boundaries of technology in mental health.

Dr. Lucy Parrington, an accomplished Biomechanist with an extensive background in sport science and medicine, has recently joined the ISN Innovations team at the Centre for Human Performance Innovation. Holding a Ph.D. in Biomechanics from Victoria University and a B.S. in Health Sciences from the University of South Australia, Dr. Parrington's academic credentials are impeccable. Her professional journey includes a significant tenure working with the Balance Disorders Lab at Oregon Health & Science University, where she spearheaded  innovative biomechanics research in the area of concussion. Beyond her research, she also has a long history of providing biomechanics servicing to amateur and professional sporting organisations in both Australia and the US.  Dr. Parrington has expertise in motion capture systems, inertial sensors, and advanced data processing. Her unique blend of technical skills, combined with her ability to communicate complex biomechanics principles, positions her as a leader in her field. Dr. Parrington's rich background, innovative approach, and leadership qualities make her an invaluable asset to our team, enhancing our commitment to advancing human performance innovation.

Dr Damith Senanayake, is a proficient Software and Machine Learning Engineer and AI Researcher, is distinguished by his expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. Skilled in Python, R, and TensorFlow, his research has been recognised in leading conferences like ICML and respected journals such as Bioinformatics. At the University of Melbourne, Dr Senanayake has spearheaded AI projects and made significant advancements in the application of AI to biomechanics, seamlessly integrating technology with human motion studies. After earning a Ph.D. focused on high-dimensional data analysis in Computational Biology, Dr Senanayake continued his academic pursuits with a postdoctoral position, publishing in high-impact journals and further solidifying his reputation in the field. During his tenure at WSO2 INC, he contributed to the development of open-source middleware platforms serving a diverse range of industries. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, he is well-positioned to enhance forward-thinking teams and initiatives.

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