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Thriving minds for an evolving world

Our vision is a world where every mind thrives. We leverage cutting-edge research and innovative technologies to better understand and improve mental health in our evolving world.

Centre for Clinical Neuroscience Innovation

Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health Innovation

Centre for Human Performance Innovation

Welcome to ISN Innovations!

Home to pioneers, innovators, and visionaries, ISN Innovations is a nexus where neuroscience and psychology meet to tackle the pressing challenges of mental health and human performance in the real world. Guided by the overarching principle of "thriving minds for an evolving world", our organization unites the expertise of renowned scientists, researchers, and industry professionals, breaking new ground in the pursuit of understanding the human brain and mind.

We proudly host three groundbreaking research centres: The Centre for Clinical Neuroscience, The Centre for Human Performance, and The Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health. Each centre represents a unique area of focus, united in our shared goal of translating cutting-edge research into practical applications.

Our Centre for Clinical Neuroscience pioneers studies into the complexities of the brain and nervous system. The Centre for Human Performance delves into the intricate dynamics between mind, body, and performance, considering the critical role anxiety plays in these interactions. Our Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health explores the transformative potential of AI in mental health care, creating and refining technology that could revolutionize therapy and management of mental health.

ISN Innovations is more than a research organization; we are a catalyst for change. Our mission goes beyond the boundaries of laboratories and academic papers - we strive to make a real difference in people's lives and communities. Through our work, we aim to deliver actionable insights and innovative solutions, contributing to a future where the power of neuroscience and psychology is fully harnessed for the well-being of all.

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our initiatives, and join us on this exciting journey. We believe in the power of collaboration and welcome your support and partnership in our mission to unlock the mysteries of the human mind and the potential within us all.

Welcome to the future of social neuroscience and psychology. Welcome to ISN Innovations.

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Clinical Neuroscience 

  • Merges neuroscience, technology, and innovation.

  • Uses cutting-edge technology for in-depth research.

  • Collaborates with external partners for practical application.

  • Aims to enhance human performance across various settings.

  • Blends scientific research with a commercial focus.

Artificial Intelligence 
  • Pioneers the use of AI in mental health therapy.

  • Works on improving AI applications for real-time feedback.

  • Collaborates with technology and healthcare experts.

  • Focuses on research and development with commercial and societal value.

  • Balances technological innovation with compassionate care.

Human Performance 
  • Explores relationships between performance, anxiety, and neural timing.

  • Uses an integrative neuroscience approach for research.

  • Develops strategies to enhance performance in high-anxiety situations.

  • Comprises a multidisciplinary team of experts.

  • Translates research into practical applications and potential products.

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What’s News at ISN

A Quantum Leap in Mental Health Research: Launch of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health Innovation (CAIMHI)

A new era in mental health research dawns with ISN Innovations' groundbreaking initiative.

A radical shift is set to reverberate through the mental health sector. The Centre's focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence and mental health research paves the way for a groundbreaking approach to mental health care strategies.  Professor Zambetta, renowned for his expertise in artificial intelligence, and Professor Paolini, with his vast experience in clinical neuroscience, join forces to guide CAIMHI into pioneering the future of mental health solutions. Their shared vision will spearhead the Centre's quest for developing innovative, effective, and personalised AI-driven strategies, propelling a major shift in the mental health care landscape.

Unveiling the Future of Neuroscience: The Centre for Clinical Neuroscience

a cutting-edge hub exploring the intersection of the nervous system and human behaviour.

Capitalizing on state-of-the-art technologies such as functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and advanced motion capture systems, the CCNI navigates the complexities of neural mechanisms and processes with precision. Its researchers tirelessly strive to unlock the intricate neural pathways and translate their discoveries into practical, applicable strategies.

ISN adds 21st Century Technology to its Centre for Human Performance

Neuroscience, Biomechanics, Physiology and Sport Psychology 

ISN takes human performance to the next level bringing together neuroscience, biomechanics, physiology and sport psychology with the latest technology to assess key parameters of performance success.  Our high performance clinic offers evidence based scientific analysis of athletic potential within an inter-professional framework.  Mind, body and action are carefully balanced to foster an environment for optimal human  performance. 

ISN HPC incorporates high performance rowing simulator with biomechanics and neurosport analysis

Neurosport in Action

Sport psychology, neuroscience, bio- mechanics and physiology come together to provide analysis and interventions to provide team rowers with the opportunity to assess and optimise performance.  This high performance rowing simulator adds to our investment in utilising rowing machines as an effective and beneficial means of exercise fostering new opportunities in NeuroSport applications. 

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